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#DECLICS 2: seeing public communication in a new light

Covered by the media and taken on board by ever more fans, followers and instagramers, the French Government's communication actions are a popular topic and this is great news! With the new season of the #Déclics programme just beginning, now seems like a good time to share the stories of 11 public communication experts with you – for a lowdown of the digital operations that marked 2015!


#Déclics2 : chapter 1 - Embracing community... par gouvernementFR


House of cards, Xmas Bingo, Junior Quiz

Onliners have so much information at their fingertips these days that getting their attention back is a top priority for the French Government's digital team – and they’re full of ideas: newsjacking, quizzes and a section specially designed for secondary school students are just some examples of the best practices and offbeat content to appeal to citizens using the Internet.

House of cards tweets:

Junior Quiz and Xmas Bingo

Find out more about the SIG's digital strategy

Operation Baccalaureate

The French Ministry of National Education wanted to communicate directly with sixth-formers steeling themselves for their 2015 Baccalaureate (A levels). It has opted for a communication angle which casts the whole exam experience in a more down-to-earth, manageable light through light-hearted, handy tips on and a touch of humour on the social networks – a breath of fresh air compared to the usual approach adopted in institutional communication!

The Ministry is running this operation again this year with the creation of a TumblR blog in partnership with TOPITO:

"La minute utile" (One minute well spent) initiative

With a view to showing French people just how important, and easy, it is to set up an individual training account, the French Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue has launched an initiative called "La minute utile" (One minute well spent), which onliners can use to work out how much time they spend on Facebook over a six-month period. This is a tongue-in-cheek way of bringing home the realisation that "one minute is nothing compared to the time we spend on Facebook". 

"Fête de la Science" Science Festival

To bring the "Fête de la Science" Science Festival within the radar of 16-24 year olds, the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has teamed up with Dailymotion and Dr Nozman (a science geek YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers) to produce interactive videos that whisk viewers right up into the thick of scientific experiments.

To view the videos:

#Déclics2 : chapter 2 - Adapting to new uses par gouvernementFR


New design for the website

The aim of the newly designed website is to make life easier for users by simplifying their procedures across all devices and by adapting to new digital uses – especially the increasing use being made of mobile phones to read online content. With this in mind, the usability, graphic design and content organisation of the website have been given a complete makeover. Users have been involved throughout the overhaul with tests at regular intervals.

New design for the website

Now designed in the style of a media website, the new version of the portal gives pride of place to content, with images and videos taking centre-stage, and more intuitive usability enabling more interaction with the website's users.

Stop Smoking App

To help youngsters succeed in their efforts to quit smoking, the INPES (now known as Santé Publique France) wanted to provide them with a mobile service they can relate to. An app has therefore been designed in line with the rules for this target audience: appealing design and user experience as well as access to brand new Tabac Info Service features: interactions with smoking cessation specialists, appointment directories, customised follow-up, games and more.

Setup of a crisis group on Facebook

The Alpes-Maritimes prefecture has set up a Facebook account so that it can use the social networks to inform, communicate with and alert the local population in the event of a critical situation. After the floods that affected the département, the Prefecture set up a "bad weather" sub-group on Facebook. It was then able to use this to alert more than 30,000 people and give them safety instructions.

The prefecture had already used its Facebook account to help save a child's life

#Déclics2 : chapter 3 - Teamwork as a means to... par gouvernementFR


Digital Republic

If we can be sure of one thing, it’s that the 21st century Republic will be digital. To tackle this challenge, the bill of the same name, jointly drafted with Internet users, sets out to anticipate the changes at work, make the most of the opportunities that arise and shape a society that embodies the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

</SIMPLE> consultation

To kick-start the complex job of overhauling the French Government's network of websites, the SIG decided to adopt a participatory approach. By bringing French digital stakeholders on board alongside representatives of the French Ministries and Information System Directorates (DSIs), the </SIMPLE> project is all about putting heads together to jointly come up with a strategic vision for the way public sector information in France will be presented online in the future.

New design for the website

The digital portal gives students access to all the information and services they might need as they embark on higher education and their learning pathway and the possibility to complete certain formalities online. Previously separate information and services have now been merged in this new portal, where students can access a range of sections on all topics to do with student life.

CNOUS and CROUS (national and regional student service agencies) accounts on the social networks:

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