In the digital age, communication is changing everyday. This is a challenge that all communicators face, even more so those in the public sphere.

The French State and Government are facing a period of transition, and are working on a daily basis to (re)invent this field which is yet to be defined. What does characterise this new communication? It is highly digital and personalised, seeking to target each Internet user, each consumer and each citizen specifically.

As a stakeholder and witness to this revolution taking place, the Government Information Service (SIG - Service d'Information du Gouvernement) would like to share its experience and its “work in progress” reflection on the subject. This is why it has created its blog: SIGLab.

What does it do?

  • Analyses governmental communication with a commitment to transparency and education
  • Shares its expertise and feedback
  • Provides specialists and the general public with intelligence, analysis and information ressources with regard to public communication.

At the Government Information Service, there is a history, a memory, a multitude of professions carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, and a great deal of experience, all of which combined legitimise this body’s objective. By positioning ourselves as a laboratory of ideas and knowledge - while fully adapting to the times and the customs of the 21st century - we seek to advance the debate on public and political communication and its need for renewal.


11 february 2015
Portrait de Christian Gravel
Christian Gravel
Directeur du SIG