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Filters, hashtags and selfies: 6 tools for successful Instagram tracking

A photo, a filter, a click…more and more of you are taking snapshots and sharing your daily lives with each other. Impossible to escape the Instagram phenomenon these days! So as to adapt to the explosion in use of the top social network for engagement and take full account of the importance of images in digital communication strategies, the SIG watch team is keeping a close eye on Instagram. In need of a few tips to optimise your tracking? SIG Lab opens up its toolbox for you once again.

When it comes to Instafall, Postris and Websta, there are a good many tools for creating Tweetdeck-style dashboards. Among other things, you can add columns containing users’ publications and selected hashtags, and identify the most popular content or users along with themes that are trending. Such tools also enable you to look for photos and videos that were published near a specific location. Special praise for Websta, which still lets you have a chronological Instagram feed – something that many Instagrammers miss since the update made to the app’s algorithm!

No need to present Hootsuite again, but did you know that the tool also lets you integrate Instagram account feeds via account synchronisation? You can carry out direct searches in Instagram via this aggregator and save the result feeds. This enables you to bring together multiplatform tracking threads (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram among others) on a single dashboard. Hootsuite’s Timestamping of Instagram posts is also a “plus” well worth mentioning.

Iconosquare provides a good deal of information on an Instagram account as well, with very full statistics (number of “likes” of your images over time, details on the evolution of your community, most popular photos, average returns recorded for a publication, etc.). In addition, Iconosquare indicates the best times to publish photos if you want to get maximum returns.

Geolocation? That’s an Instagram must! And no, there aren’t many photos published without a location attached. There’s no better way of finding all the photos taken near you than using the Instmap map. But the most efficient means of seeing Instagram photos taken near you is still the Instagram map, which provides a whole host of locations depending on your present position.

A few limitations

Instagram tracking is progressively becoming more professional but there are still a few limitations to it. Display of the most popular posts and trending topics is still a random affair as it’s programmed in line with each Instagram account (posts that come up for one account are not necessarily the same as those highlighted in another). So prioritise the most relevant requests via hashtags, even though it’s difficult to rank posts.

And to share all your photos of the government and its ministries with us, use the hashtag #ReGouv and don’t forget to include @gouvernemenfr to let us know about your snaps… they may well find themselves included in our Instagram gallery!


Updated on 28 June 2016.

28 june 2016 /
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