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#OpenData on @gouvernementfr: one step closer to freely accessible data

The Service d’Information du Gouvernement (SIG – Government Information Department) started making data on government website audiences available to internauts on 27 July 2016: some hundred websites in all – belonging to ministries, embassies and public agencies – are taking part in this initial wave of openness. Data from over 900 websites will finally be available.

Data on government website audiences

The government statistics monitoring system Stat@Gouv enables monitoring of audience figures for over 900 sites, with more than 100 million website visits in all recorded every month.

To enable the opening up and dissemination of these statistics, the SIG oversees extraction of data collected by means of an audience measurement tool designed by AT Internet and widely implemented on government websites. The initiative aims to enable each and every citizen to assimilate “open” data and reuse it to participate in the government’s digital development.

The data concerned is available on, a website managed by the Etalab taskforce (Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation [SGMAP]) and designed to bring together all State public data and make it freely available. As regards government sites, each data set (available in CSV format) will be updated on a daily basis and provided with a record going back two years or so.

Indicators available:

  • visits
  • visitors
  • 50 most viewed pages
  • bounce rate
  • pages viewed/visit
  • time spent/visit
  • referrer websites
  • consultation devices (tablet, desktop and smartphone)
  • traffic source (search engine, link, RSS feeds, direct access, etc.)

CSV files are organised as follows:

  • a “total” line (visits, visitors, pages viewed, pages viewed/visit, bounce rate, and time spent/visit)
  • a line for the day’s 50 most consulted pages
  • a line for the 50 URLs bringing in the most traffic
  • a line for each type of traffic SOURCE
  • a line for each consultation DEVICE

Open Government Partnership – OGP

Since 2014, France has been a member of the Open Government Partnership inaugurated in September 2011, which now includes 70 member countries along with NGOs and representatives of civil society.

The partnership was set up to meet three main objectives:

  • promoting transparency of public action and open governance
  • improving public integrity and combating corruption
  • making full use of digital and other new technologies to strengthen public governance

With a view to giving national impetus to the partnership, each member country has drawn up a “National action plan” with close collaboration between State, civil society and associations. France has drafted its own National action plan aiming to support transparent, modern and collaborative public action.

The first national action plan for transparent, collaborative public action comprises 26 commitments based on 4 axes:

  • being accountable
  • consulting, conferring and coproducing public action
  • sharing digital resources useful to economic and social innovation
  • opening up the administration

Opening up data on government website audiences corresponds to Commitment 18 of France’s national action plan.

The Etalab taskforce (SGMAP)

The “open data” policy is managed by the Etalab taskforce under the aegis of the Prime Minister. The taskforce coordinates action on the part of government departments and public institutions in order to facilitate maximum reuse of their public information. Etalab runs the interministerial portal designed to bring together and make freely available all public information collected by the State and its public institutions and, if they so wish, by local authorities and public or private entities tasked with public service missions.

Such opening up of data provides a host of opportunities with regard to modernisation of public action, simplification of administrative procedures, management of decision-making and democratic transparency. This being so, the SIG hopes that internauts will make good use of the data made available to them in designing a wealth of new products and processes.

26 july 2016
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